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Paxton Hipppotherapy 2
“We found HorsePower by accident in our never ending search for treatments for kids with low muscle tone. We had not yet received a diagnosis for our 3 year old son Paxton at the time, we just refused to accept that we couldn't do more to help him. Paxton was diagnosed with Ullrich Congentital Muscular Dystrophy in the fall of 2016.  Ullrich Congentital Muscular Dystrophy affects the skeletal muscles causing weakness, stiff joints and hypermobility in their wrists and ankles. HorsePower has been an important piece of Paxton's success, assisting with his core strengthening, his hip joint range of motion also assisting with his balance due to his wobbly gait. We can't say enough in regards to Tammy, she is knowledgeable and caring. She knows how to connect with Paxton and does a great job identifying areas she can help him in. The staff is friendly and they genuinely care about their mission. Thank you HorsePower for what you do to improve the well being of people of all abilities, we are blessed because of you. ”

Jodi Hruby

“Ericka started Hippotherapy at HorsePower shortly after she turned 2 and has been participating for a little over a year now. We have seen tremendous improvement in her core strength, range of motion and use of her weaker extremities. All the staff and volunteers are wonderful. They are knowledgeable in their areas and patient and encouraging with Ericka. Tammy is so caring and professional and a joy to work with. Ericka loves working with the horses and so looks forward to every session. If you are looking for something different, definitely try HorsePower. We have had nothing but great experiences with this wonderful organization. ”

Laura Williams

Img 0035
“We have noticed several benefits that participating in Therapeutic Riding at HorsePower has provided our daughter with over the years. Physically she has gained strength in her core muscles and a better sense of balance.  Mentally she has improved her sense of focus and her ability to follow instructions. Finally, she has gained a sense of responsibility and confidence that have raised her spirit and sense of purpose. ”

John Nohr

Shelly And Sara
“My daughter and I have been volunteering weekly at HorsePower for 5 years! We absolutely love working with the students and sharing in their excitement! It is a joy to see the smiles on their faces and to witness how much progress is made during an 8 week session! It is a very rewarding experience and would definitely recoomend volunteering at HorsePower if you have a love for horses and helping others!”

Shelly Bartels & Sarah Newell