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Barn Opening

What We Do

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We believe that as providers we are only a companion on each individuals separate journey toward reaching their absolute potential as a person.

The Foundation of Our Work

HorsePower is a therapeutic riding facility dedicated to providing client centered complementary therapies to the greater Sioux Empire. We are comprised of five unique programs that are designed to support the recovery, health, and well being of individuals facing physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

For over 5,000 years the fate of the horse, and the fate of man has been inextricably intertwined. Over the course of history we have learned to adapt and survive together using each of our strengths to face any number of adversities. Together we have weathered some of the most challenging periods in history. Whether it be carrying us into battle, plowing our fields, or broadening the horizons of travel, our relationship with the horse has undoubtedly changed the course of human history for the better.

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Barely 100 years ago we parted ways with our loyal companion in favor of faster motorized travel, but the bond that formed over the thousands of years of shared history survives. In the world of equine therapy we believe that the same strength and loyalty that once allowed horses to carry man into battle can also be harnessed to assist riders in overcoming other challenges. This  is why throughout the world organizations like ours strive to provide equine assisted therapies to individuals living with any number of disabilities.

Through research we have discovered that horses have more to give humans than we understood in the past. Vestibular stimulation, core muscle growth, emotionally stable companionship, and empathy are only a few of the many ways horses can challenge riders to acheive goals previously thought to be impossible. Using these best practices HorsePower provides the chance for our riders to benefit from the age old bond of the horse on their journey toward reaching their fullest potential.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at HorsePower is that every unique perspective that we encounter  helps to make us better people Together with all of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual we are better able to face the challenges seen and unseen that every person must encounter in life. We are dedicated to creating a safe place for people to challenge themselves and learn from others. We are commmitted to uplifting all who come into contact with our organization, and remembering to meet every adversity with a sense of curiousity and hope. We believe that as providers we are only a companion on each individuals separate journey toward reaching their absolute potential as a person. Each of us at the barn feel tremendously blessed to be able to share the hardships and triumphs of their lives!