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Our Generous Sponsors

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union


Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union is generously sponsoring Captain America.  They are a member-owned cooperative financial institution founded in October of 1934.  Their mission is to "better people's lives by providing relevant financial services, building trusted relationships, serving our community and providing a rewarding atmosphere for our employees."

HUGE thank you to Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union!

Marianne La Nasa

Marianne And Peggy1

Marianne has graciously agreed to sponsor our horse, Peggy Sue.  Marianne has been a volunteer with us for a few years now and has been a tremendous addition to our HorsePower family.  When she is not helping us out at the barn, she likes to spend time with her family, going on trail rides, and running Vita Bella--Made to order Italian Baked Goods!

We are so very thankful for Marianne!

Joette Everist

Joette has been a dedicated volunteer and ardent donor for HorsePower for many years.  This year, she graciously volunteered to sponsor not just one, but TWO of our wonderful horses.  Joette is the proud sponsor of Legend and Rusty.  

We are so very thankful for Joette!

Messerschmidt and Tencate Families

Dawn Messerscmidt has been a devoted volunteer to HorsePower for several years and has been such a tremendous addition to our HorsePower team.  This year, Dawn and her whole family generously decided to sponsor Uno. 

We are so grateful to these two families for their continued support of HorsePower!

The R.E.A.L. Friends of Sioux Falls

Real Friends Libby Sponsor

HorsePower would like to extend a tremendous thank you to the R.E.A.L. Friends--Friends coming together to support the Sioux Falls community-- for their sponsorship of Liberty Bell! The lovely ladies pictured are Dawn Stenberg, Paula Kruetzfeldt, Gayle Gingerich-Craik, Kim Lawrenz, Teri Abel, Leah Monahan, Julie Rentschler and not pictured are Paula Feterl, Myra Zomer, Bridgett Baumiller, Nedra Larson, and Paige Menke. We greatly appreciate your tremendous generosity and continued support of HorsePower!

The Lloyd-Huber and Thorkelson Families

These two very generous families are new to HorsePower this year, but not new to supporting the community!  We're so very glad that we were able to have your family out, and that you guys enjoyed it so much that you decided to be a very important member of our community!  Thank you so much for your sponsorship of Phoebe!

We are so very thankful for the Lloyd-Huber and Thorkelson Families!