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Barn Opening

What We Do

We believe that as providers we are only a companion on each individuals separate journey toward reaching their absolute potential as a person.

HorsePower is a therapuetic riding facility dedicated to providing client centered complementary therapies to the greater Sioux Empire. We are comprised of five unique programs that are designed to support the recovery, health, and well being of individuals facing physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

Our horses in all of their gentility, strength, and spiritual grace provide the companionship that their human partners need to realize their own capabilities as a person. We welcome any and all new clients and volunteers and believe that no matter where you are coming from you can find a sense of community at our barn!

Welcome to our program offerings!

Our programs are set up in five eight-week sessions. Riders' eligibility is determined by a HorsePower assessment and a doctor's permission form. All forms (see Resources page) need to be filled out prior to the assessment. All participants must have a physician's signature prior to riding. Additionally, those participants seeing a physical and/or occupational therapist must have their forms completed by the appropriate professional(s). Forms are completed annually, though some may be less often with physician's consent. Please note that there are some conditions that may be a contraindication for riding. This may not mean a rider cannot ride, but it does mean that the individual with this condition must be assessed thoroughly. 

We offer the programs outlined below: